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Partnering with Visionary Founders, Investors & Corporations

We believe technology can help us build a better future for people and the planet which is why GoGlobal facilitates growth and expansion for early stage tech startups and focuses on impact investing.

We bring together investors, entrepreneurs, and strategic partners to mobilize the resources startups need to grow, scale and expand.

With over 25 years of professional experience combined with an extensive international network, our goal is to make it easier for investors to find global deals and to help startups expand into global markets.

We help identify business models, develop business strategy and build relationships.


For start-ups with solid business plans, we help with the most important part; implementation. Get & stay on the right track and have us help you open doors to people and markets where you want to grow.


Get early access to the best deals by turning your executive expertise into mentorship. Tap into the global ecosystem and meet other GoGlobal Mentors during our exclusive events.


Access global opportunities in the sectors & regions where you desire to enter. We use our knowledge & networks to find you the best people to help scout & match you with the right opportunities.


High standards create quality results. We do our research & try to seek out & find the highest quality people & resources so you can feel good about entering global partnerships.

“Esra has been a wonderful ( guide, advisor, consultant, partner ) for us in our growth stage endeavors. Her deep knowledge, wide network & clear vision greatly helped us in reaching key persons &. corporations fast & get things done imminently.”

Dr. Okan Erol

Co-Founder & CEO at Wordego

“I could not be in better hands than with Tara’s approachable, incisive & expert coaching skills. It is not often that good judgment, intelligence, talent, sincerity, creativity & genuine kindness come wrapped in one package, but she brings with her just that. She has been a faithful thought partner in my personal & business efforts. Most remarkable, she challenges your perception & poses questions that bring a different & most valuable perspective. Tara is always prepared, enthusiastic & a pleasure to work with. I have no reservations about my recommendation & fully trust her extraordinary leadership skills in the industry.”

Conchita Franco Serri

Caroami Founder

“Four years ago, I first met Keiretsu Forum Investors from Istanbul. Later, when Ms. Esra Talu became Chapter’s President, she contacted me & proposed to re-establish collaboration with the Israeli startup ecosystem. I was impressed with Esra’s leadership & entrepreneurial spirit in actively promoting this dialogue that led soon after to actual collaboration with Israeli technology entrepreneurs. As a result of it, the first Turkish investment took place with one of our portfolio companies; Smarter TV. I was very impressed with Ms. Talu business network. When visiting Istanbul, I was introduced to distinguished potential business partners who all were looking forward to joint business with us, very much due to Ms. Talu preparation work. I am looking forward to further collaborate with Esra wherever she will be.”

Dan Arazi

President Keiretsu Forum, Israel. Affiliated Chapter at Club 100 Plus.

“For me, running a deep tech innovative startup, I need people with good vibes around. There are so many challenges along the way, so it’s about people you completely trust & feel comfortable with. Esra is one of that rare breed of people. She sees the big picture, optimistic, loyal even when the ship is half sinking, and of course-her network of connections is impressive. We are lucky to have her on our side.”

Elad Hollander

CEO, Smarter TV

“I had really great experience working with Tara. She was my mentor on Sente Link’s program I participated in, so we had several sessions that really opened my mind & mad me think more about certain aspects of my business idea. We went into many details of my idea, what is the problem I am trying to solve & whether my solution is a good fit for solving that problem. Besides the mentoring sessions, she gave her best to connect me with some other people from her network, although that was not her obligation within the program, and I really appreciate that ‘out of the box’ acting.”

Branko Vasiljevic

Co-Founder at Meerkiddo

”For the first time, I met Esra at Keiretsu Forum, & I thought that she was very friendly. Her smile & knowledge encouraged me from that day up until today. Esra is a visionary, inspiring, & a great mentor for me. With her mentoring, I feel I am not alone on the way of entrepreneurship. Being one of the greatest motivators I have met, she made me feel very lucky to have her as an Advisory Board Member at Manibux.” 

Canan Bayrak

Founder & CEO at Manibux.

“Ms. Talu is a real guide who has no discrepancy between her words & actions. She empowered me by offering her knowledge & experience that result from many years of entrepreneurship. Without any expectation of return, she gave me access to her vast network. She helped me find valuable collaborators & develop my business in “previously unchartered territories.” Ms. Talu impressed me with her honesty, realism, & professionalism, as well as with her modesty. She is one of the most precious partners I ever encountered during my career. I have no hesitation in saying that she is a role model for me & all other women entrepreneurs.”

Deniz Sezen Akgungor

Co-Founder Mediteriendeep

“Tara’s been my mentor for over two years. She is an excellent friend for me as it has made a significant contribution to my learning & application of business & market penetration processes. Tara helped me not only on current business problems but also on prioritizing, goal setting & resolution of personal disputes. She supported me consistently on many issues outside the boundaries that the program assigned her.”

Can Dörtkardeşler

Co-Founder, Udentify