If you are an institutional or private investor with a stake in early stage technology startups targeting a global marketplace, one of the problems you experience is not being able to adequately monitor or support the startup through its stages of growth. You may lack the time, technical expertise, or global network necessary to see your investment through to its next level of funding.


GoGlobal offers its Global Expansion Pathway Program to solve this problem.


Using 30 years of combined experience in technology, startups, investing, and global networks, the team at GoGlobal is dedicated to the growth, scaleup and global expansion of early-stage tech startups. 

This is why it is essential for companies like yours to understand and incorporate Startup Culture and Methods into your operations to remain innovative. 

GoGlobal offers its customizable Innovation Pathway Program to solve this problem, helping medium and large-scale organizations like yours stay on top of new technology and adapt quickly with access to startups, startup culture, methods, and know how.

GoGlobal fills the gap between investors and startups by working hands on with founders to design & implement the growth strategy required to reach their next level of funding.

In order to grow, scale and expand, startups need resources. These resources include investment funding, strategic partnerships, corporate clients, opportunities to pilot test, networks and more. GoGlobal provides access to these resources in its Global Expansion Pathway Program.


As an investor working with GoGlobal, you get to focus on the business of growing your fund while we focus on protecting the investments you’ve made within it. We do what you don’t have the time or expertise to do – advise and monitor your startup investments to their next stage of growth.



GoGlobal specializes in helping early stage technology startups grow from one funding stage to the next. In general the companies we work with meet the following criteria:

Your technology startup has an innovative solution to an important problem and creates global impact.

The startup has relevant industry, technical and startup experience on its team and a strong vision for the future of the business 5-7 years down the line.

There is a working product, a solid business model and market traction including either letters of intent, recurring revenue or upward user growth.

The startup is familiar with its competition and can explain how you they are different and unique in the market.

The startup is addressing a significant global market and can show how it will return money to your investors in the next 5-10 years.

The startup see and can show at least one exit strategy for the company.

The startup is able and willing to work with external advisors.

Part of the growth strategy includes expanding outside of the current region or country where the startup has gained traction.

All stakeholders understand that fundraising for growth capital is time intensive, and the startup is willing to commit to put in the time and work necessary with GoGlobal in addition to running the company.

Global Expansion Pathway Program Process

1. Strategy Sessions

The GoGlobal Growth journey begins with a kick off strategy session. In this session we review the business plan, the investor and sales decks and related materials and dive even deeper into the business and fundraising strategy. Depending on the outcome of this session, we will decide together what materials are needed to get in front of our Investor and Partner network. This process of preparation may take anywhere from 1-3 months depending on how far along the company is in the fundraising process and may involve some introductory calls with our mentor-investors for strategic feedback. We continue our journey with regularly scheduled strategy sessions in order to remain in alignment.

2. Investor and Partner Introduction

When the startup is ready to be introduced to our investor network, we will make direct, personal introductions by email. The startup is expected to follow up within 48-hours of our introduction and initiate the next step with the investor or coordinate follow up meetings with GoGlobal. We may or may not be present with you during the follow up investor calls depending on the circumstances, needs and availability. 

3. Presentation to Investor Network

Aside from personal introductions, we also send out mailers to our larger network of investors and partners once a month highlighting investment opportunities from our portfolio. Once the startups enters our portfolio it becomes eligible for inclusion in our monthly investor mailer. When an investor or partner from our network requests an introduction, we will follow up with a personal introduction between the startup and the investor.


4. Deep Dives and Feedback

Whether through our direct introductions or the monthly opportunities presented to our investor network, we will work closely with the startup and the investor to garner feedback, incorporate this feedback into business and fundraising strategy, and conduct follow up calls. As a GoGlobal portfolio company, we stay with the founders throughout the growth process, and as our investor network grows, we are able to make more diverse introductions for you. We are available to help work on the due diligence process, prepare financial tables and projections, negotiate terms with the investor, participate in investor meetings, prepare for important investor presentations and preserve value as stakeholders in the company.


5. Due Diligence

GoGlobal is available to be present with the startup through the due diligence process to make sure the best case is made to the investor. We work with the startup to communicate the highest value to the prospective investor.


6. Investor Negotiations

As a GoGlobal portfolio company, we will be present with the startup during negotiations with investors. We remain present during negotiations to help make sure you get the best deal possible which includes making sure you are also looking ahead and creating the best foundation for your next investment round.

7. Timeline Reports

In order to keep all stakeholders in alignment, GoGlobal keeps a Timeline Report up to date so everyone can keep track of feedback, progress and outcomes. All parties are expected to contribute to the Timeline Report in order to stay on the same page and in alignment.


8. Startup x Investor Status Meetings

Along with Timeline Reports, you are invited to regular Status Meetings together with your startup in order to keep open communications and keep everyone up to date.


9. Exit

Since we are not simply brokers, GoGlobal aims to create long-term journeys for growth and success. Even at the post-seed stage, we are looking ahead to the next investment round and beyond to make sure the foundation we lay in the beginning is solid, and setting up your investment for success in later stages. This includes thinking about potential investors and funds who we can bring in for co-investment to help provide growth through their resources and networks. We are not just trying to save the day, but lay the foundation for a fruitful journey ahead.



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These are different kinds of opportunities to help your startup grow. Some include direct investment, some include important strategic partnerships, some include sales contracts. 

Growth is about more that receiving investment. Growth is about how you use the opportunities and resources in front of you to serve more people.

We help you open doors to more of those opportunities.

GoGlobal portfolio companies benefit from our Startup Growth Advisory Program in a number of ways, including:

Through the GoGlobal Startup Growth Advisory Program, some of our clients have:


GoGlobal is better than an investment company because we have relationships with 220+ investors and strategic partners around the world. We help you improve your potential for investment by working with you closely before you get in front of our investors and then making warm, personal introductions with the ones we think are the right fit for you. Unlike a broker who might just forward your pitch deck around aimlessly, we work actively and directly with you and our investor network to help you get the best chance for investment.

The way we work – and the value we add – comes from working actively with and for our portfolio companies to support their engagement with our growing global investor and partner network in order to give them the best chances of success. We are also actively growing our investor network by attending events, scheduling one on one meetings, hosting networking opportunities. The service fee allows us to grow our network and spend time helping you benefit from it.

We focus on the quality of the introductions over the quantity. You only need one introduction if it’s the right match for you. This is why we devote time to strategy sessions with you as well as time and energy building relationships with our investor network. In this way we are able to make the best introductions for you that we can.

GoGlobal can help introduce you to strategic partners and potential customers in new regions and markets. Through our partner network we can help open doors for you and set up sales meetings. Although GoGlobal isn’t positioned to be a sales representative, we can help you expand your business into new markets through personal introductions and references.

GoGlobal is available to provide support to you throughout the duration of our agreement. The hard work begins after you’ve received investment funding, and GoGlobal helps you follow your business plan as you work toward your next round of funding. Through regular meetings and reports from you, GoGlobal helps keep you focused on meeting the KPIs that often come with investment funding. Helping you manage this process in the most efficient way is a vital step in preparing you for advanced investment rounds later. Many of our portfolio companies prefer to retain us through later and later investment rounds because of our know how and our network. We are available to work with you long term.

GoGlobal guides you with regard to strategy and what elements should be including in your business and financial plans, but you are responsible for preparing these materials. GoGlobal supports the development of existing materials and the pitch presentation of the investment material to the investor in the best way. GoGlobal does not make this material as part of our advisory agreement. If you desire help making your investment materials additional services will be offered to you outside of the advisory agreement.

The aim of this program is to help you find growth investment. Through your carefully and strategically-prepared investor materials and presentation, GoGlobal introduces you to our global investor network. Through our introductions we make our best effort to ensure that the conversations and negotiations pass in the most efficient way. In addition to helping you find growth investment, GoGlobal also helps lay the groundwork for business collaborations and strategic partnerships that will help you grow your bottom line. See more about how our process works here.

The most important thing is that we agree on a unified fundraising strategy. We will use this strategy to approach the investors in our network, and we encourage you to use this strategy if you decide to approach investors on your own. In some cases we will find the lead investor and through joint efforts find co-investors. It helps to have one, aligned fundraising strategy. If you find your own investor while we’re working together, we will celebrate together and decide the next best move strategically. Many of our portfolio companies prefer to retain our advisory services to prepare for the next round in which case we are happy to stay on your team.