If you are a medium-size business or larger corporation, the advantages that come from your size become a disadvantage when it comes to innovation and staying relevant in a business environment that is rapidly moving forward. 


This is why it is essential for companies like yours to understand and incorporate Startup Culture and Methods into your operations to remain innovative. 

GoGlobal offers its customizable Innovation Pathway Program to solve this problem, helping medium and large-scale organizations like yours stay on top of new technology and adapt quickly with access to startups, startup culture, methods, and know how.

GoGlobal connects medium-sized companies, corporations, and the public sector with relevant tech startups for successful cooperation and innovation partnerships.

As a matchmaker and innovation consultant, our goal is to support medium-sized companies, corporations, and the public sector in implementing innovation faster.

We believe that technology can make our future worthwhile, fair and secure. To this end, we work with agile methods and bring companies and startups together for innovation partnerships. Many startups already solve problems that larger companies and the public sector experience. In return, companies like yours have the experience and resources that growing startups need. Our goal is to develop Win-Win-Win cooperation. That is why we bring both sides together and support you in creating innovation and accompany you in their collaboration.


Program Overview

Collaborative Innovation – Implementing Innovation Together 

Cooperation Management

We assist your startup with methods and project management so that your ideas are not left lying idle, and your cooperation project is carried out from start to finish line.

Corporate Startup Foundation

We support you in bringing startup culture into your company to create your Corporate Startup / Corporate Spinoff to become an ambidextrous company: Exploiting your core business and exploring growing markets.

Startup Cooperation Program

With our Startup Cooperation Program, we support matching your business needs with startups’ technological capabilities. GoGlobal will monitor relevant startups for you in your industry. We set up a program on how each scouted startup can benefit your company and support your business units and your manager to implement the startups’ products and services into your operations.

Module 1

Program Overview

Startup Methods and Culture – Learning and Applying Innovation Methods 

Startup Culture

In our Startup Culture Training, you will learn the most important insights about agile task management, leadership, mindfulness, and new work.

Innovation Tour

Learn how startups work, understand their hurdles, and how to become successful on an innovation tour where we organize virtual and on-site visits with a variety of startups and accelerators in your interest areas.

Design Thinking

Design Thinking is the mindset behind agile working methods. Learn how to innovate fast by using our Design Thinking tool kit and developing a cooperation prototype.

Module 2

Program Overview

Startup Matchmaking – Finding Suitable Collaboration Partners

Startup Scouting

Find out with us which startups are active in your market. We advise you on market changes, cooperation potential, and possible competition.

Startup Monitoring

You will receive regular updates on the startup market for your industry, strategy, and search fields. This foundation helps you stay up to date about market trends and dynamics and ready to collaborate. We will also share cooperation news from rival companies in the market.

Startup Matchmaking Tour

We organize a workshop day to get to know startups, exchange questions, discuss future scenarios and work out cooperation possibilities.

Program Customization & Fees

Customize your GoGlobal Innovation Pathway to fit the needs of your organization. 

Full Program

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  • Begins with Collaborative Innovation to asses your needs
  • Startup Methods & Culture + Startup Matchmaking for 12 months.

Startup Methods & Culture Module

  • Begins with Collaborative Innovation to asses your needs
  • Innovations Methods Training tailored to your organization’s needs for 12 months.

Startup Matchmaking Module

  • Begins with Collaborative Innovation to asses your needs
  • Startup Matchmaking tailored to your organizations’s needs for 12 months.
  • Payments: 4,000 USD billed at the beginning of each quarter